How to access training courses in Canvas

All courses are now available through Canvas Catalog.


Unsure of which course you need to take? The interest survey will best direct you to the training that best fits your qualifications, education, and skills.  



  • All roles require the protecting confidential information (HIPAA) training.

  • Some roles require PrepMod training (e.g.: registration, scheduling, check-out, etc.). Check requirements prior to signing up.

  • All vaccinator roles are limited to:
    • students in good standing currently in a professional program that administers medications: medicine (MD), nursing (BSN, RN-BSN, MSN, DNP, etc.), pharmacy (PharmD), dentistry (DDS, DH), nuclear medicine, nurse anesthesia AND have completed the Vaccine Administration Training and IM Injection Training; or

    • licensed practitioners or clinical faculty (MD, DO, RN, NP, CNA, DDS, DH, PharmD, etc.) currently working at VCU Health who are not vaccine na├»ve AND have completed the Vaccine Refresher Training; or

    • current non-clinical VCU students, staff, or faculty who are also currently registered EMS providers in Virginia WITH the Vaccine Administration Training and IM Injection Training. Not all events accept EMS providers as vaccinators. Check individual events for details.

The Vaccine Corps will cross-check all of those who sign up for completion of required training, profession or program affiliation, attestations/acknowledgements, and if applicable, academic status. In addition The Vaccine Corps will confirm IM injection competency for all vaccinators.

Safety is critical to our volunteers, our patients, and the communities we serve. Pharmacy techs, medical assistants, care partners, and students from any pre-health, pre-clinical, kinesiology, or HPEX of any concentration are not eligible for the vaccinator role with VCU Vaccine Corps. 

Any falsification, omission, or concealment of material fact when signing up for any volunteer role may subject you to administrative, civil, or criminal liability.