KC Ogbonna demonstrates to Elizabeth Kazarian and Laurne Terasaki (M3s) how to draw up during an IM injection training.

Now recruiting volunteers

We are now recruiting VCU students, faculty, staff and VCU Health team members to serve in a variety of volunteer roles, including vaccinators, greeters and more.

Dedicated and ready to serve

VCU Vaccine Corps serves VCU Health's effort to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic by vaccinating our surrounding community. We are dedicated to training and preparing VCU and VCU Health volunteers to staff VCU Health COVID-19 vaccine events.

Steps to becoming a VCU Vaccine Corps volunteer

1. Identify which role is right for you.

Different roles have different qualifications and required training. Review the roles and then let us know your interest. Complete the Volunteer Interests Survey.

2. Complete required training.

Most training requirements can be completed online. To get started, log in to Canvas.

3. Sign up for an event.

Once you are trained, you are ready to sign up for events. All registered and trained volunteers will receive emails from vaccinecorps@vcu.edu with information and links to sign up for events.